Publishing services

Publishing services

Safa Publishing offers various services for every book submitted, and all books go through the approval process. There are the primary book services, such as editing, book cover design, interior design, and publishing. We handle everything the self-published way to reduce the pressure of production of the book for self-published authors. The secondary services are the extras: marketing, creating ads, promotions, and more.

Primary book services:

1- Editing. (Minimum $0.01 per word)

2- Interior formatting. (Minimum $150)

3- High quality eBook cover design. (Minimum $100)

4- Paperback & eBook cover design. (Minimum $200)

5- Hardcover cover design (soon).

8- Publishing on various platforms & setting prices $ categories. ($150)

9- Professional Book trailers. (Minimum $100)

10- Audio books. (Not  fixed price)


Secondary services:

All our secondary services are paid upfront.

1- Facebook ads. (No minimum)

2- Amazon ads. (No minimum)

3- Instagram ads. (No minimum)

4- Google ads. (No Minimum)

5- Consulting. ($5 per email)

6- Personalized book swags & promotional items. (Not a fixed price)

7- Book critique (plot, story, concept, theme, etc) (Minimum $150)