Blog Overhaul and Partnership with Safa Publishing

Long time no post, right? It has been a while since I have graced my blog with new love. It’s been a busy past several months for me and I’m ecstatic to be back. These sporadic hiatuses are coming to an end, my darling readers. I promise you that.

Now that I’ve settled into my new home and life is relaxing into a somewhat consistent schedule, I will be revamping I Will Seize the Day and posting more often. The makeover is needed for a number of personal and professional reasons. Personally, I feel like the blog does not fully reflect who I am and what my interests and intentions are. As for professionally, I would like for it to have a strong framework and focus to better brand myself and what I offer.

Posts here on out will include:

  • Book reviews (which will undergo their own makeover as well)
  • Event recaps (i.e. author talks and signings, book conventions and festivals)
  • Updates about highly anticipated books, events, and authors
  • Information about and from Safa Publishing


Speaking of Safa Publishing, I would like to announce that I have partnered with this new publishing press to blog about all things bookish. Its focus is editing and publication of fiction writing, aiding in obtaining covers, formatting, and promotion. There are different publishing packages available for the creation of eBooks and paperbacks, so an author is able to choose a package that best meets their needs and allows them to maintain control over their work. At this time hardback books are not an option, but they are a future possibility. If you are interested in pricing for the different services available, please visit here to fill in your information and request a pricing quote. Please note that your manuscript must be original work and that the press will not pursue queries containing hate literature (i.e. literature that promotes hatred or discrimination against different races/ethnicities, religious groups, or gender/sexual orientation).

Safa Shaqsy is the founder of Safa Publishing and a sci-fi/fantasy author of several novels and novellas (the Blood Moon Series, Alien Busters, The Dragon’s Curse: Dark Magic, the Asrinia Series, and The Finite: Alien Encounters). Having published her own work, she understands the difficulties and frustrations that authors experience when self-publishing. Through Safa Publishing she hopes to help authors who are new or struggling in the industry with affordable services. If you are interested in reading her work, please click here to go to her author page on Amazon.

The press’s team is being assembled at this time, so if you have experience with editing, cover design, interior design, distribution, marketing, or blogging, make sure to contact the press’s founder Safa Shaqsy by emailing

With those thoughts in mind, I’m going to work on the blog makeover and get back to y’all in the next few days. If you have a free moment, make sure to check out Safa Publishing and the opportunities presented.

Happy reading, happy writing, and don’t forget to seize the day! Until next time, bitchin’ readers.

Written by Jenn Edwards.

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