About us

We are a publishing/editing press offering authors various kinds of publishing packages. We are committed to publishing the highest quality eBooks and paperbacks. We deal with many big companies in order to obtain top-notch covers, editing, formatting, and book promotion services.

We have a team of the best people around that can help turn your book into something worthwhile reading. :

Our editors:

We deal with great editors from different companies to make sure your book meets the requirements demanded by readers. We care about your book’s quality and your satisfaction. We make sure to email you with every draft to make sure the process is going smoothly.


Our cover designers:

Don’t fuss over getting a good cover designer. We search for the best designers in the industry and deliver your vision and preferences to them, because we care about what you think. Every book might need a different designer to stay in line with the writer’s vision.


Interior designers:

Having issues with fonts suitable for your story and images inside your books? Worry no more, we have the best team to get your book printed like a traditional publisher, and get feedback from you during the process.

Distribution services:

We distribute your books to various eBook readers and Kindle, and will publish paperbacks on print on demand (POD) services. ISBN should be purchased as an additional fee. Hardcovers will be considered soon.


Marketing services:

With marketing services, we look to social media (Goodreads and Twitter, for example) as well as Amazon. The fees are paid prior to the ads. We will make every effort to place your novel in the correct category so that it has the chance to climb the charts.